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WARNING: A serious bug was discovered in w3mir 1.0.8 (it is probably present in some earlier versions too), which can cause removal of all your files, not just files in the mirror. To avoid this edit w3mir, search for 'sub rm_rf (line 2259 in 1.0.8) and put the statement 'die;' on the line below. After it should read:

sub rm_rf {

Instead of files being removed w3mir will now abort if the bug is triggered.

W3mir 1.0.10 has been released. Get it now.
Warning: 1.0.3, 1.0.7 and 1.0.8 had serious bugs and should not be used.

What is it?

w3mir is a all purpose HTTP copying and mirroring tool. The main focus of w3mir is to create and maintain a browseable copy of one, or several, remote WWW site(s). Used to the max w3mir can retreive the contents of several related sites and leave the mirror browseable via a local web server, or from a filesystem, such as directly from a CDROM.

w3mir's goal is to be able to make usefull mirrors of any reasonable WWW site. It specifically preserves link integrity within the mirrored documents as well as the integrety of links outside the mirror, following redirects as needed. If you want it to. w3mir has a powerfull ``multi scope'' mechanism enabeling the user to make mirrors of several related sites and have links between them refer to the mirrored documents rather than the original site. w3mir has several features directed at getting mirrors for CDROM burning and handling of some not too often seen problems when mirroring.

w3mir supports HTML4, and has partial support for CSS, Java and ActiveX. And it should work on Win32 machines.


w3mir is free but it is Copyrighted by the various involved hackers. If you want to copy, hack or distribte w3mir you can do that providing you comply with the 'Artistic License' which acompanies all Perl distributions and is also bundled in the w3mir distribution.

Bugs and updates

If you find a problem with w3mir contact w3mir-core@usit.uio.no but please make sure you have the latest source first (get it from this page). If you submit a bug/problem report please include the output of 'w3mir -v' as well as the commandline and configuration file that causes the problem.

All notable changes and bugfixes will be announced on w3mir-info@usit.uio.no, which is a very low volume list. Mail a message consisting of subscribe to w3mir-info-request@usit.uio.no or surf on over to http://usit-lists.uio.no/mailman/listinfo/w3mir-info@usit.uio.no and fill out the form to get subscribed. If you use w3mir at all you should subscribe. You cannot post to this list unless you are subscribed. This is to cut down on spam.

Getting w3mir

w3mir is packaged and installed the standard way for perl packages. It uses a standard Makefile.PL, this means that it should be very easy to install and get working. Please read the INSTALL document first though. Also note that w3mir only works with Perl 5.002 and later versions.

Users of RedHat Linux 4.2 and 5.0 should note that some versions of redhats perl-5 rpms have been broken w.r.t. installing packages. Please get the latest rpm if you experience problems installing.

Fixes in 1.0.10:

Fixes in 1.0.9:

Fixes in 1.0.8:

Features/bugs in 1.0.7:

Fixes in 1.0.7:

Fixes in 1.0.6:

Fixes in 1.0.5:

Fixes in 1.0.4:

1.0.4 was not publicaly released.

Fixes in 1.0.3:

Fixes in 1.0.2:

Fixes in 1.0.1:

FTP mirroring

W3mir cannot mirror FTP sites. So if you're looking for a way to mirror FTP sites take a look at fmirror (ftp://ftp.guardian.no/pub/free/ftp/fmirror/) or perhaps the original ftp mirror implementation for which I have the following information:

The latest version of mirror is available from:

        src.doc.ic.ac.uk []
                directory: computing/archiving/mirror
                (shortcut packages/mirror)
        ftp.th-darmstadt.de []
                directory: pub/networking/mirror

        ftp.sun.ac.za []
                directory: pub/packages/mirror

There is also 'omi', which I have never used but the documentation is promising.

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